The Tome Of Adon Pdf Download

Author: Cole Henry
Publisher: Cole Henry
ISBN: 1424139023
Size: 29.86 MB
Format: PDF
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The Tome Of Adon

aI was told reinforcements were being sent!a Ramsel yelled, looking at the older dragoon. aAnd this is it, a the man replied. Ramsel reviewed the short line of men. aIf you men would excuse us?a Ramsel asked, his anger fading from his voice. aSir, a they said in unison as they stepped from the building. aIam sorry about that, Jackson, but they arenat going to help, a Ramsel began. aIam well aware of that. But Ryan insisted on sending just the twenty, a Jackson replied. aWhy didnat he send him?a Ramsel asked aI would feel much more comfortable if he had come along.a aMaybe he didnat want his son in danger, a Jackson answered. aIf he didnat want him in danger, he wouldnat have let him become a dragoon, a Ramsel retorted. aPerhaps itas that Ryan knows that none of us are coming back this time.a Jackson chuckled. aNo, itas something more, a Ramsel said.

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The Tome Of Adon Pdf Download
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